Are You Moving to a New State?  
Here are some tips to help things run smoothly.

Moving alone has it's challenges. Add to the mix the things like new drivers license state requirements, cost of living, culture, cruisine and not to mention what area of town to move to and this adds many more challenges.

There are ways to make this challenge a smooth transition. Before you move consider some well thought out planning.  Below are some things you can be doing to familiarize yourself with your soon to be new home town. 

  • Visit the state, town and possible neighborhoods that you are considering moving to.
  • Make note of the grocery stores, gas prices, traffic patterns and demographics.
  • Learn about housing market and contract the services of a Realtor. 
  • Get the facts about the cost of living and seasonal weather averages.
  • If you have children. Research the schools in the areas you are considering.
  • Research the economy of the state, county and taxes.
  • Research the Utility companies especially the ones that provide internet and cable.
  • Get pre-qulified to buy and choose your new housing must haves.
  • Determine your moving budget and start saving.
  • Will a community bank need to be changed to a different one?
  • Driver's license change and auto insurance change.
  • Research movers and read reviews online.
  • Connect with a friend on Facebook or Linked In that lives in the state your moving to.
  • Chaging your address with the post office and forwarding mail.
  • Don't forget to prepare yourself for some different uses of words, phrases and those regional accents, ya'll. 

Being prepared is alway the best option when you are planning a move to a new state. Although there is much to think about do your best to hire the services of those in the town your moving to to assist in you in keeping with your plan and budget.  These people could be your new bank or branch, Realtor, moving companies, chamber of commerce, facebook pages and groups. If you have young children you can make the learning fun by pulling up interesting, fun facts and history about the area you are moving to. If you have middle aged school children you can encourage them to go online and research some of their favorite activities, hobbies and stores. 

The objective is to plan ahead and create a fun learning opportunity for the whole family so that the move goes smoothly. With planning and a little creativity your dreaded challenge then becomes an opportunity to grow and connect as a family.